Co-President ( Licensed Patent Attorney receiving the additional indication of specific infringement litigation representation work Registered No: 11967)

Expertise:Telecommunications,Optical Components, Electric Circuit, Semiconductors Precision Machineries, Control systems, Computer Software, Business Methods,
Medical equipments

Education: Graduated from Department of Electric Engineering, Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University.
Work Experiences:
Worked at NTT Reserch and Development laboratories in the area of telecommunications. R&D of high-speed electric circuits, optical circuits, optical telecommunications, optical measurement systems, signals processing technology, telecommunication systems composition methods, wireless simultaneous systems and access systems etc. Interenational standardization of access systems.
Registered as a patent attorney in July 2001 and joined a patent office.
Established Patent Firm I'll in January 2003.

Various kinds of commitee member experiences such as an invention consultant at Japan Patent Attorneys Association
National Center for Industrial Property (examiner), 2009, 2010

Lecturer Experiences:
A part-time lecturer at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
A special lecturer at Osaka University
"Telecommunications Engineering"

A part-time lecturer at Tokyo Denki University, The University of Tokyo, Tsukuba University "Intellectual Property"

Chair person: Experiences of chair person of international organizations including optical access system international standardization forum FSAN OAN-WG. The general chair person at IEEE workshop on OHAN
Commitee Member Experiences:
IEEE Workshop on Local Optical Networks, Secretary
Editor of English papers of The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)

International Commitee member of Hybrid Optical Access Network Conference
Intermational Commitee memeber of Optical Fiber Conference etc.
Author: Optical Subscriber Network (Co-Author, Optronics Co. Ltd)
Optical Communication Engineering (Co-Author, Corona Publishing Co. Ltd.)
Broadband Textbook (Supervisor and Co-Author, IE Institute Co. Ltd.)
WDM Networks (Co-Author, Academic Press)
The object of business method patent (Tosho newspaper)

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