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ILL Intellectual Property Office was founded by patent attorneys, OKADA, Kenji and IMASHITA, Katsuhiro in January 2003.

The strategic measure is required to operate industrial property rights and patents become more and more important in the world. Engineers and scientists need to assume excercise of right for patent application from R&D stage while special technological knowledge is required to excercise the right.

We devote ourselves to meet these demands and have tried to make specifications aiming for technical proposal and endeavors of aquisition of right. Our patent attorneys who have the experience of R&D fields paticipate from R&D stage in electronics, electric, chemical, material and mechanical fields. We hope to become a reliable patent firm and we will do our best to provide customer based services with consideration of customers' needs and we hope our customers will be satified with our services.

Patent search such as search for invalidity of a patent

and testimony of a patent are included in our services..

Your opinions, requests, inventions are always welcomed. Please do not hesitate to contact us. .

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